Dr. Craig Rowat DC, ART, CMAG, CSCS

Associate Chiropractor

Dr. Craig graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2012 with post doctorate education in Strength & Conditioning Coaching, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, ART® (Active Release Technique) and functional movement screening. Combining his wellness based principles and undergraduate degree in kinesiology helps Dr. Craig to integrate advanced chiropractic techniques with lifestyle education, exercise rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement.

With his extensive background in sports and sport rehabilitation, Dr. Craig has been the on-field team doctor for several different athletic clubs in Canada. His understanding of human function, structure, and performance, has enabled him to become an innovator in acute and chronic injury treatment as well as opening new frontiers in sports medicine. He has, and continues to work with athletes from across the sports spectrum and guides patients who are setting new lifestyle and fitness goals.

Patient centered care based on a cohesive, participatory approach is what led Dr. Craig to become a highly successful and inspiring healthcare practitioner. “It is not enough to help you out of pain, my goal is to teach you how to increase your health and prevent pain and suffering in the future.” -Dr. Craig Rowat

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