Wellness Seminars

After attending these seminars many people have been inspired to promote Dr. Robinson and the wellness paradigm based on current research.  In whatever way you are inspired to share this knowledge with those you value, please let us know so that we can assist you in making that possible.

Eat Well, Move Well, Think Well

As a species, humans are facing our greatest threat in history — chronic illness.  The Black Plague killed 30 percent of Europe, and now, chronic illnesses are killing over 80 percent of the industrial world.  Humans are now the sickest species on earth. We have gone from super species to sickest species in less than a century. Never in history has a species suffered with so much illness, so much needless suffering, and so much cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

A genetically congruent lifestyle is based on the science (studying healthy people not just sick people) of how we Eat, Move, and Think.  Dr. Reid Robinson, Chiropractor and Wellness Practitioner, draws on current medical research in genetics, anthropology, nutrition, exercise, and human behaviour to empower a gradual and comfortable change towards health and vitality.  These seminars can be attended individually, however it is highly recommended to attend the first one to build a foundation of understanding.

Lifestyle vs. Genetics

It’s time to stop asking what chronic illnesses we have and how to treat them (diagnosis and treatment), and start asking why we are developing chronic illnesses, and how to avoid them (wellness and prevention).  We will explore current medical research about the lifestyle that matches the human genetic requirements for health and wellness.  You will leave inspired, empowered, and able to dispel media “hype,” add life to your years, and years to your life!

Eat Well
The second seminar will focus on a genetically congruent, nutritionally sufficient, and a toxin free diet.  Many questions will be answered including:
  • What are the nutritional requirements for health?
  • Should I be taking supplements such as omega 3’s, probiotics and multivitamins?
  • Is dairy linked to osteoporosis? 
  • The protein myth
  • The soy myth
Move Well

The third seminar will review scientific evidence showing health promoting and illness preventing benefits of exercise. We will define exercise and the innate genetic requirements of physical fitness and energy expenditure, and introduce spinal hygiene exercises for functional restoration and spinal health

Think Well
You will learn that the reason people are unsuccessful at personal change is because they attempt to change their behaviour rather than the belief systems that are the root of the CAUSE of their behaviour. Trying to change behaviour without changing the belief system that drives it, creates stress from either constantly doing something you perceive as painful, or, from doing something perceived as depriving. This seminar focuses on how to create belief systems that are congruent with innate values (and genetics), and produce desired behaviour and desired states of mind.